Somerset West

Torga Optical

Torga Optical opens a state-of-the-art store in Somerset Mall

Torga Optical is proud to open its most modern branch in Somerset Mall. The branch is operated by Anli de Beer an Optometrist by edification,...

Ageing in a New Age by Dr Rory Dower

You only need to glance at the people next to you on the treadmill, or those loading up their shopping trolleys with kale and...
Sitari Country Estate

Award-winning Sitari hits close to 900 sales in just 47 months

Sitari Country Estate just outside Somerset West is ranked amongst the top 2 fastest selling large-scale estates in the Western Cape, with close to...
Nom Nom Eateries & Wine Bar

Nom Nom Eateries & Wine Bar – trendy hotspot with a variety of winter...

Nom Nom Eateries & Wine Bar is a sister property of the Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. It opened its doors in Somerset West...
Sitari Country Estate

Sitari Country Estate – Come home to Africa’s Best Residential Estate

Nestled near Somerset West,  lies the idyllic Sitari Country Estate which presents orchards, herb gardens, ponds, and gentle trickles of water offering tranquillity and...



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