Cape Town Pass To Link Attractions Across The Province


Cape Town Pass is a newly launched single card that gives visitors access to attractions across the province, and also provides added value such as discounted theatre tickets, concert tickets, events and restaurant specials.

The Pass has been developed by three South African entrepreneurs – Marnus van Niekerk (Founder and CEO), Anton Groenewald (Director and Joint Founder) and Justin Sampson (Director and Joint Founder) – who identified an opportunity to provide a simpler, and more efficient solution for visitors to the Cape.

“All these services are provided on an app-based, integrated IT platform using the latest smartphone technology, and with the option of printing tickets or credit card type passes as required by the visitor,” says Anton Groenewald.

“We are offering a mobile based solution that meets the visitor’s demand for convenience and increasingly seamless travel,” Groenewald continues. Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and Western Cape, has identified the Cape Town Pass as a partner to help deliver its mandate of driving the geographic spread of tourists across the province.

“The ability to use technology to open up the Western Cape to more visitors and help them to experience more of the five regions around Cape Town is what caught our interest,” say Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro. “Cape Town Pass offers attractions and products from across the province in a streamlined sales and marketing channel.”

“It will also provide great value to delegates attending international conferences who often only have a day or two to experience the destination and are looking for a simple mobile based solution. We are excited about working with Cape Town Pass,” ends Mr Harris.