Cape of Storms Distilling Company – Melting pot of cultures & influences

Cape of Storms Distilling Company

If you enjoy craft gin tasting or craft beer tasting in Cape Town, then we have a new experience for you – rum tasting!

Cape of Storms Distilling Company, a family-owned craft rum distillery based in Salt River are pioneering a completely new rum making method in South Africa. By combining a centuries-old Caribbean rum making technique with naturally strong African blackstrap molasses, they have created a truly unique product.

The local rum selection has always been very limited and with the craft gin and craft beer industries having taken off, Cape of Storms Distilling Company felt it was time to educate South Africans on what rum can truly taste like.

“At our distillery we believe in honesty and as such do not use mass produced neutral spirits to make our craft rum. Nor do we use any artificial additives or sugars to alter the flavour of the final product.”

The distillery makes three craft rums, which are double distilled to give them their signature smoothness. This allows the rums to be enjoyed on the rocks, with your favourite cocktail or with a mixer of your choice. When drinking the rum straight, one gets a distinct tropical fruit taste on the front of the palate. The rum has a natural sweetness making it pleasant to drink in a variety of ways. It also plays nicely with a variety of mixers, including many tonics, lemonade and ginger beer.

The Cape of Storms rums include: Great White Rum – a smooth gin-inspired rum, Fyn Cape botanical-infused Spiced Rum, and a decadent aged rum, which has been rested in Virgin American Oak – the Oak Infused Rum.

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