Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate: Great vine-resolutions

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate

Only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. And if your highly improbable goals aren’t met, you feel defeated. All this even before the first grapes are harvested in the southern hemisphere. Well, this promise to self to be better, do better and live better is way more achievable than what most people think. Be it for better health, career, education, to volunteer, make new friends, settle down, be more spiritual or simply spend more quality time with family, then look no further. These grape expectations are offered to you on a silver platter at Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate.

Here are 8 New Year’s resolutions they can help you with:

Better education: There is no way on this vine planted earth that you will ever be fully learned about wine. Wine can now be made successfully in some of the most obscure places on this planet, although cool climate regions remain some of the most sought after locations. Visit Benguela Cove for a tasting or a cellar and vineyard tour to expand your wine knowledge and brush up on that wine jargon.

Health: If enjoyed in moderation, wine can be very beneficial to your health. Red wine contains a natural type of phenol called resveratrol that, amongst many other benefits, acts like an antioxidant to promote heart health and longevity.

Volunteer: Work has never been this much fun. Keep an eye on the Benguela Cove diary for all the harvest festivities, including your voluntary participation in grape stomping.

Career: Ever thought about blending your own wine? We can assist you with a wine blending experience and who knows, it may kick start a new career in wine.
Make new friends: South Africans love to be outside on a sunny day. Join for a pontoon cruise on the lagoon or a round of adventure golf and be sure to make new friends.
Be more spiritual: Learn more about tea rituals at the Tea Terrace. Benguela Cove will also be introducing monthly yoga classes to help you stay in tune with your inner self. Join for a morning class or watch the sun go down in a cobra pose.

Spending quality time with family: Benguela Cove offers a one stop destination that caters to all – from the little ones to the furry ones. It is also a meeting place for family and friends to enjoy good food and good wine with great views in excellent company.
Settle down: Ever wanted to own that special and serene place with sweeping views of the ocean and vineyards? It might just be the year to realise the dream of owning your own property in this real estate heaven.

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