Beaumont Primary Generates its own Electricity installed by RenEnergy


Earlier this year RenEnergy has installed a 79 kWp Solar Photovoltaic system that consists of 299 Solar PV panels on the Beaumont Primary School’s roof situated in Somerset West.

The local RenEnergy South African Head Office team from Stellenbosch, engineered, designed and installed the system. The system will generate just over 135,000 units (kilowatt hours) of electricity in its first year of operation and will pay for itself, out of savings within 5 years. The lifetime of the system is a minimum of 25 years, and in the 25th year will still generate 80% of its first year generation, making this an incredibly attractive investment and savings mechanism for the school. The system is calculated to provide an average annual return of 29% over the guaranteed generation period of 25 years.

“In addition to the savings and investment value, the schools own generation will dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. The CO2 equivalent to the 135,000 units produced in year one alone, is equal to planting 2459 tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for 10 years,” says Jean-Roux Heyns, Chief Operations Officer of RenEnergy South Africa.

RenEnergy completed detailed monitoring of Beaumont Primary’s electricity consumption prior to providing the bespoke solution. According to Heyns the system is designed to maximise self-consumption of self-generated electricity (80%). Approximately 20% of generated electricity generated annually will be fed back into the City of Cape Town’s electricity grid. This will largely take place over weekends and school holidays. Beaumont Primary will receive credit to their electricity bill, for power that is fed back under the SSEG program. This installation falls under the City of Cape Town’s Small Scale Embedded Generator Program (SSEG).

“RenEnergy’s in-depth assessment of the school’s usage and infrastructure prior was critical to the success of the project. Correct design and engineering is incredibly important to the success of any Solar PV project, and this can only result from the correct experience in designing and engineering the bespoke Solar PV system.”
“Our team of internationally trained staff, designed, installed and commissioned the system. We directly manage each step of the process to provide the customer total peace of mind. The Solar PV has a monitoring system that shows in real time how the system performs and provides day to day, month on month and annual reports. This can be accessed by computer or even on smart phone, whilst on the move. RenEnergy monitors the system off site as well, and provides the school with monthly reports as to the performance of the system,” Jean-Roux Heyns concludes.

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