Anele Bans and Dominique D’Oliveira crowned IMPI Champions

Photo Credit: Chris Hitchcock

Anele Bans and Dominique D’Oliveira set the course ablaze in the IMPI Elite Race that took place at the Wiesenhof Wildlife Park (Stellenbosch) on Sunday, 19 November 2017.

“This was the second time that I competed in the IMPI Challenge,” said a very happy Bans.  “I’ve taken part in a few obstacle course races, but was only able to enter the IMPI Challenge for the first time in April this year when I moved from Kimberley to Tableview (Cape Town).  I finished 11th at that event.”

Finishing 1st at the IMPI Elite Race after only his second attempt is an impressive achievement for Bans.  “I’m a competitive guy.  If it wasn’t for the strong competition in the Elite Men’s race I would not have finished under 2 hours.  The competition definitely added to the fun.  Crossing the finish line in first place was an amazing experience.  I’d definitely recommend the IMPI Challenge to my friends.  The obstacles are challenging, but doable.  It’s a lot of fun.”

Bans completed the IMPI Elite Race’s 26 obstacles that were spread over a 17km fun trail run route in 01 hour 59 minutes 42 seconds.

Hot on Bans heels was professional Muay Thai fighter, Kickboxer, stuntman and personal trainer, Ashley Robinson, who made his elite race debut on the day.

“This was my first ever elite race,” admits Robinson.  “Anele was in front up until the 12th obstacle before I overtook him.  I struggled a bit with one of the obstacles where you needed to swing from side to side, my grip wasn’t that strong.  Anele took the lead again and kept it until the end.  He gave me a few really good tips on how to face every obstacle and how to strengthen my grip.  It felt amazing to finish in second place.    The obstacles definitely tested my overall abilities and have given me a lot of new workout ideas.”

Robinson crossed the finish line in 02 hours 01 minute 30 seconds.  Conrad Herbst rounded off the Elite Men’s podium in 02 hours 06 minutes 53 seconds.

The only female competitor to successfully complete all 26 obstacles, Dominique D’Oliveira claimed gold in the women’s elite race.  Her finishing time of 02 hours 24 minutes 10 seconds also secured her an impressive overall 6th place on the day.

According to D’Oliveira the IMPI Elite Race was great.  “IMPI is known for its beautiful scenery.  The Elite Race featured a nice balance between easy and challenging obstacles.   There were definitely more challenging obstacles compared to previous events making it tougher than usual.  This plays in my favour.  I think the entrants realised that they would need to train harder next time round.  I really enjoyed the race.  It was a hard run with challenging obstacles.”

“Finishing 6th overall, with only five male competitors ahead of me is really good for the ego, but the IMPI Challenge isn’t about that,” continues D’Oliveira.  “IMPI is not only about the elites.  We all train hard and have our own individual goals.  Whether competing individually or as part of a team, the end goal should always be to have fun irrespective of where you place.  IMPI is definitely on the cards for 2018.”

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