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No average athlete, nor sport’s team, would ever consider going for ‘gold’ without a coach. In fact, at the top of any sporting discipline, the reality is that the professionals have multiples coaches. Add to that the fact that every sports person has an off season, has hours and hours of training and preparation for limited and short bursts of execution, has the benefit of outside perspectives, video analysis, mental toughness training, stable rules, performance drivers, personal bests etc.

“I’m surprised therefore that we often have sympathy for the professional athletes saying things like ‘Shame the Springboks (replace with Proteas, Stormers, Bafana Bafana and so on) are playing too much sport.’”

These pampered individuals and teams are somehow a little too stressed and exhausted as if it’s a blanket excuse for their lack of performance.

Whilst this may very much be a relevant argument at times where is the similar outpouring of sympathy for the business owners, the entrepreneurs, businesses and employers.
In those world’s there are no off seasons, no outside perspectives, multiple and ever changing rules of the game and sadly these same people do not have the benefit of decades of concentrated and singular training and coaching in one discipline. In those world’s the entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders are in fact expected to be ‘Jack of all trades and masters of many’.

ActionCOACH business coaching, the World’s Number 1 Business Coaching Firm, has since 1993 ensured the same success catalyst for entrepreneurs and business owners as has been available to elite athletes. Now operating in over 70 countries and coaching in excess of 15,000 businesses per week they drive performance, sustainability and profitability across businesses the world over.

About to celebrate their 11th anniversary in Africa, ActionCOACH Southern Africa today has 47 full time business coaches driven to ensure you build a real business: ‘A Commercial Profitable Enterprise that Works Without You’.

With the Gauteng and Namibia head office based in Pretoria, and the rest of South Africa head office based in our very own Techno Park Stellenbosch, you’ve finally got the world’s best business coaches right here on your doorstep. But as the name already suggests, perhaps now is the time to Get into Action!

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