The Newspaper is a “Free” monthly printed publication in the Western Cape area. It is our goal to influence the general public on matters that are of a positive nature.

The Newspaper does not report on any form of crime, corruption, or politics. It remains informative in every respect to its readers.Positivity can help build the community to a better and brighter future.

Printed Media

The Newspaper publishes articles based on various requests with regard to localized information such as News, Wellness, Health, Education, Sport, Business, Travel, Tourism, Leisure, Home, Entertainment and Lifestyle .

The Newspaper has developed a high quality printed newspaper printed in full colour, on white bond paper that is stapled together to create the quality publication.

Digital Media

The Newspaper provides a digital version of the newspaper which is available 24/7 for readers to enjoy.Past Editions of The Newspaper can be viewed on demand.

Online Media

The Newspaper online website blog provides readers with latest news  and relating happening in the Western Cape.

Easy access through our online website blog makes it easy for readers to read content on all Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.


The Newspaper follows a well-developed pattern of circulation and distribution within selected locations in the Western Cape such as Woolworths, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Wine Farms and Local Businesses where readers can get their “Free” copy each month. The Newspaper’s ultimate goal is to provide a quality publication that can make a positive impact on peoples lives.

Positivity can help build the community to a better and brighter future.