A journey to a career in the performing Arts with Nine Academy

Nine Academy

The Nine’ Academy of film, stage and dance was established in 2016 and offers a four year, internationally recognised, Trinity College of London Diploma in either performing arts, film and stage, or musical theatre.  Matric level qualifications and auditions are required for entry.  The diploma courses comprise training in all aspects of the professional industry, including film and stage performance, film and stage production and teaching qualifications.

Students attend the academy full time to study singing, dancing, writing, directing, producing, industry business, and teaching.  Also included are the support skills such as management, coordination, camera, lighting and sound, make-up, props and choreography, historical development of the performing arts, dancing and the visual arts, the styles, methods and resources which aids students to become fully rounded artists successful in the careers they choose.

Nine Academy

To achieve success, academy training standards must be maintained at the highest level, and to this end, assessments and exams are regularly conducted by external national and international examiners.

The goal of the curriculum is to ensure students graduate, and are able to develop and sustain their careers and further promote the arts.  Unlike large colleges, the academy environment allows every individual to receive the personal attention and guidance needed.

The Academy regularly enlists external industry professionals to conduct workshops or outings with the students, sharing their insight and skills.

Nine’ Academy of Film, Stage and Dance is a boutique training institution for film and stage. Past students are being recognized and respected in the industry as professionals of calibre and achieving sustainable careers.

Nine Academy

– The academy guarantees one-on-one interaction with all their students. Focus is completely on the individual, developing natural talent and ensuring the relevant skills and professional standards are acquired.  Most importantly, mentors guide the students in the direction that is right for them – be it performance, technical skills and/or teaching. In the Academy, one size does not fit all.

– The diplomas are internationally recognized, which means our graduate students can apply for work nationally and internationally.

– Students learn not only how to work in the industry, but are also given the tools to be creative and the confidence to become industry leaders.

– To date the academy has achieved a 100% pass rate, of which the majority are distinctions.


– Experience lies at the core of the Academy’s success.  Many years of work both in film and stage, have developed a deep understanding of what is required and how it can be achieved. This knowledge is the foundation.

– The governing bodies’ requirements are maintained by means of examinations and regular assessments that monitor each student’s development and identify areas that require attention.

– Students are exposed to a multitude of options in the foundation phase.  This allows them to define their focus so that tutors and management can guide them towards the appropriate study paths.

– The space at the academy is a creative area, allowing students the freedom to explore their options as performers, directors, teachers and technicians.

– The syllabus is designed to improve life skills, instil positive behaviour and develop confidence as young leaders in South Africa.

– The academy prides itself on the high standard of productions and work outcomes.


There are a multitude of options.  The performing arts are not limited to stage, but include film, television and radio. Furthermore these careers are not confined to performance but include technical support.

Nine Academy

Principal Janine Holthuysen quotes, “Let me ask this question. Can you imagine a world without films, television, radio, theatre and music? What kind of world would that be? The performing arts are the reflection of our society and skilled artists are needed to present it. It is informative, recreational, healing, a therapeutic tool, instrument for conflict resolution, exposes lies and tells truths, allows escapism, tells peoples stories, gives insights into other cultures, communities, people’s lives and situations, and in so doing help create an understanding of each other’s history, beliefs and cultures in order to move positively into the future. We want to be a part of this.”

The Academy has limited space for the 2019 intake; and is especially excited about their Gap year course that is being offered.


This course gives potential artists an insight into the world of performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) and what the industry has to offer.  Students are introduced to the different skills required to perform on stage and in film and to work on production projects. If school leavers/students are uncertain as to their future fields of study, this is the perfect course to learn more about the industry and decide whether it is for them. Students have the option to transfer to do the entry level for the diploma course midyear.

Situated on a farm at the foot of the scenic winelands, it provides a healthy natural environment and space for the students to relax between classes in a safe environment. They are located in Somerset West, which makes the academy within easy reach of students in the Helderberg, Overberg and Stellenbosch areas.

South Africa has a thriving film industry which services both national and international film productions and commercials, using local skills. We are a part of the initiative to develop and maintain this amazing industry and help grow the country’s economy and job development.

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For more information contact 021 012 5218 or visit www.nineacademy.net